Sunday, September 21

Fate, Irony or Symbolism?

One of the few things we (my husband and I) have had for our whole marriage, a Campus Credit Union Ice cream scope, broke today as I tried to dish up some ice cream. Is that just ironic or some sort of symbolism of our marriage, seeing that we now are in the process of finishing up our divorce!

Saturday, September 20

Lost in translation....

Today I'm lost in translation ... or was it, I lost my ability to translate?...or..
Oh, that's right,... I actually LOST my translation! The whole thing, just gone! My nice, beautiful and finished translation is just mysteriously, strangely and without a trace gone!
Which is why, instead of doing something extremely fun with my Saturday, I am now sitting here and redoing my whole translation!!!!
Hope you have a better day than me!

Friday, September 19